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HanHent News Charity plan of “Hanhent · Thanksgiving society” Author:admin     Time:2014-05-20
"I want to go to school!
------ A common word, shout out from a young mouth, was so shocked!
When thinking of those deprived children eating water dried vegetables, wearing patched clothes; watching at their impoverished home, looking at those eager eyes of their future...... Our eyes get moist!
For these children, may be only a small bag, a pencil is the most precious. I'm afraid the happy city children are not able to imagine this. Wind carved snow melting faces, run-down "classroom", desk is not a desk , and the black eyes desiring their future, all these impact our hearts.
Due to climate extremes, complex terrain, remoteness, causing the bad transportation, blocked information, backward economy, poor education in China's western region. Thousands of poor families unable to afford their children's education funds, causing children enrollment rate, high school dropout rates extremely low, a lot of people lost educational opportunities when they born!
As to the future generation, education is their only hope! However, the poverty of the families and the arduous schooling condition already caused many children left school very young, Just some hundreds of RMB stopped countless young minds to the future! Maybe today they are still in school, but they never stop worrying about tomorrow, they are worrying about leaving school. They won’t require nice eating & wearing, they just need to stay in the school like other children. Education is their only & greatest dream......
To stop poverty, go education! Let the children have a good education, is not only the foundation of improving the quality of whole nation, but also realize the key to eliminate illiteracy. Therefore, help these children to go schooling, shouldn’t be our burden, it is our bounden duty.
What can we do for these innocent & lovely children? Just because they were born in poor, so to suffer such a sad? Thousands of eyes are anxious for our help.
So far, fortunately, there are always some kind people, focusing on the poor students & helping…...
HanHent is an argent & responsible group, we uphold the idea of “service with love” & “think more, do more”, we not only let the HanHent clients feel HanHent's warm and thoughtful, but also want to spread this idea to the western children. HanHent’s meager strength can not completely solve the difficulties of all these poor students through a certain period, but if everyone can dedicate their kindness to those poor students’ education, then, let all the students no longer deprived of education will come true!
The next one will be you?
Welcome, join the HanHent 2013 "HanHent—Thanksgiving” Charity Program, we sincerely hope you can offer a helping hand, hold the poor western children’s hands, give them a chance to go to school. 
With your love to melt the poor frozen land, by your action to dissolve the frozen hope, lit a beacon to the children’s pure heart, let the children's eyes always full of hope and sunshine!
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